Vert Shock Review – Will It Help With Your Vertical Leap?

Product Overview: Vert ShockWebsite: vertshock.comRating: 9.1 out of 10Length of Program: 8 WeeksCost: $67 w/ GuaranteeFounded: 2014 by Adam Folker, Justin Darlington In this review I am going to be talking about a program that’s been on the radar of athletes and those looking to amp’ up their vertical leap: Vert Shock. This jump program … Read more

Perfecting Your Shooting Form: Common Mistakes To Fix

Imagine you’re standing at the free-throw line, the game’s weight resting on your shoulders. It’s not just about sinking the ball; it’s also about how you shoot it. I’m going to share some insights on why solid shooting form isn’t just fancy – it’s fundamental. Now, if you want to enhance your performance and avoid … Read more

Improving Shooting Accuracy In Basketball

Take it from the pros, like Stephen Curry, who strives to nail at least half of his free throws purely through swishing during practice. That’s not just about making the basket; it’s about perfecting the shot…without room for error. To improve your shooting accuracy, you need to strive to get better and when “making a … Read more

How To Measure And Track Your Vertical Leap

If you’re an athlete or a coach, you know that vertical leap isn’t just a number. It’s a clear indicator of an individual’s explosive power, agility, and overall athletic prowess. In sports like basketball, volleyball, and track and field, vertical leap can be a game-changer, separating the outstanding players from the rest of the pack. … Read more

The Importance Of Ball Control In Basketball

I’m going to break it down for you: ball control in basketball isn’t just about dribbling; it’s foundational to nearly every aspect of the game. Great ball handlers have the power to dictate the pace, maneuver through tight defenses, and create scoring opportunities for themselves and others. It’s simple: the better you control the ball, … Read more

4 Simple Exercises To Increase Your Vertical Leap

Vertical Leap Exercises

I’m going to kick things off by walking you through the mechanics behind a gravity-defying vertical leap. It’s not just about jumping high; it’s also about understanding body dynamics and muscle function. Whether you’re spiking a volleyball or going for a slam dunk, that explosive upward burst plays a pivotal role in a variety of … Read more

About Kyle

About Kyle - Basketball and Ball

Welcome to! I’m Kyle, and I’m really excited to have you here on my website and to share with you my journey from a passionate basketball player, to a dedicated coach, to the founder of this website!. My love for basketball started just over 35 years ago (when I was 7), and it quickly … Read more